Hosted RADIUS and Captive Portal

Scalable Cloud-Based AAA Solution

IronWifi Cloud

IronWifi ℠ – Cloud-based RADIUS Solution provides:

  • Resilient RADIUS instances as a Service
  • Captive Portal with support for OAuth, SAML, billing, and more
  • Native support for devices from 25+ vendors
  • Connectors to external Identity Providers
  • Comprehensive reports and REST API interface
  • Up and Running in 60 seconds

IronWifi ℠ is a cloud-based RADIUS and Captive Portal service that provides scaling capacity in the cloud. Gain visibility into the strongest authentication available, at the driver’s seat of access control and client management for your network resources. Obtain and configure access control with minimal friction through a powerful and user-friendly web interface. Keep a birds-eye view of your users and networking devices while running on a proven cloud-based computing environment.

When you need a RADIUS server

With a RADIUS Server, know and have control over what users have access to your network.

RADIUS is an authentication service, telling your network access controller (NAS, router or wireless access point) whether a connecting client should be allowed to have access to your network and under what conditions, such as data download or bandwidth limits and time of day constraints.

Implement 802.1x security in your wireless network, or use a captive portal solution to authenticate users via credentials provided in a web form. In an 802.1x security deployment scenario, before any client is allowed to connect, verify identity using some of the following parameters:

  1. Username and Password – Authentication using credentials selected by client
  2. MAC address – Authentication based on hardware address of the client’s device
  3. Client certificate –  Authentication based on rock-solid, asymmetric encryption algorithm
  4. PIN Code – Create singular or multiple PIN codes from within the IronWifi Console to distribute to users as needed

Manage your clients manually from within our console, or from your external database. Our solution currently supports integration with Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, and Google Apps. Synchronization with your database will automatically update the list of users, groups, and their access permissions.   IronWifi in Your Infrastructure   Clients seeking a reliable and secure method of authenticating users, visitors or mobile devices will find IronWifi a solution that is easy to deploy and maintain. WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) is the de-facto standard for networks that require manageability and the highest level of protection. It is widely used by Universities, Corporations and required by the PCI and HIPAA.

Management Console

We offer a web console that allows you to manage your virtual RADIUS server and control access to your wireless network using any modern web browser or your smartphone. Our GUI is simple, fast and available free of charge.

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Global Infrastructure

IronWifi is utilizing Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platform to serve customers in more than 190 countries. We are steadily expanding global infrastructure to help our customers achieve lower latency and higher throughput, and to ensure that their data resides only in the Region they specify. As our customers grow their businesses, IronWifi will continue to provide the infrastructure that meets their global requirements.
IronWifi takes pride in engineering a platform that is governed by the highest security standards. We never take shortcuts and “good enough.” is never accepted.


Principles of 802.1x network authentication standard do not allow processing or recording any sensitive network communication, except data received from a NAS device for accounting purposes.

If you have any questions regarding security, please contact us at

Network Security

All communication with our systems or systems of third parties goes through encrypted protocols.

Our public websites and API are only available on port 443 via HTTP enforced with HSTS. You can verify the security of our connections on the Qualys website:


Communication with our Radius servers is encrypted using standard mechanisms and authentication details of users connecting to your Wireless network are transferred inside an encrypted EAP tunnel.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 Certification

Internal standards and Quality Management System standards of IronWifi comprehend in the long term also rules for information security management. IronWifi’s aim for improvement of processes and providing for security requests of its clients has logically escalated to certification pursuant to the international standard and ISO 9001 ISO 27000. During 2015 IronWifi had been preparing for the certification process and in the days of July, 24 – 28, 2016 it passed the certification audit conducted by the company eucert, s.r.o..

Internationally accepted standard ISO 27000 specifies requirements for definition, introduction, operation, monitoring, examination, maintenance and improvement of documented Information Security Management System (ISMS – Info) in the context of aggregate risks related to activities of the organization. It specifies requirements for introduction of security measures that are modified according to requirements of individual organizations or their departments. The reason for this standard is to set and monitor rules for information security and apply them within the whole security.

IronWifi is the holder of the Certificate in Information Security Management pursuant to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 9001:2009 standard in the field of project management, design, development, integration, deployment and maintenance of information systems, information systems consulting services.

The certification is valid from Augusts 15, 2016 until August, 14, 2019. During this period a supervising external audit will be performed every year.

This is another guarantee from the IronWifi’s side that the clients have – they can rely entirely on IronWifi and services provided by us.


To protect our service from outages caused by failures and attacks, we are running our infrastructure in Google Cloud platform. The cloud-based infrastructure allows us to deliver very low latency, high availability and great flexibility to support even the largest implementations.

We provide a managed service, which means our components are redundant and highly available. If a load balancing component fails, it is restarted or replaced automatically and immediately.

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